- “Dutch” Alric Rall is a composer, producer, and an Emmy-winning filmmaker. 
He has created an arts program for Austin's PBS which received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, has lectured for the National Press Photographers Association and was the winner of the World's Smallest Film Festival, the very first competition for video on mobile devices. Dutch has made music videos for Duran Duran art project TV Mania, shot Olympic television campaigns for Visa, and has produced experimental performance dance films with Guggenheim Fellow Omar Carrum. His work has been seen at numerous festivals including Cannes and SXSW.
His art rock band Nocturne Blue (2015-2019) released multiple albums which included performances from music legends Tony Levin and Trey Gunn as well as contemporary composers such as Mark Cook. As you read this, Dutch is probably drinking too-strong black coffee with his lovely wife Jeni or is exploring the vinyards and forests of the Shenandoah Valley… all the while planning both real and next stage ar/ai world domination. But in a nice way.
In 2024, Dutch began producing a new alternative pop band called CLOAK OF FOXES.



Before Nocturne Blue, I would perform in coffee shops using a jumbled assortment of pedals, loopers, and drum machines. Fun adventures and lots of free cortados along the West Coast. I enjoyed the simplicity of those gigs and am always thinking of a setlist and minimum gear needed for an updated version of those days: where would the Lanois-Frippertronics end and the Leonard Cohen begin? Which songs would I perform now that I've seen some things? 
Below are a few NB tracks I played everything on that I think might adapt well to that possible future.